Sample Articles and Essays

A Challenge for the New Director of the National Park Service

The number of U.S. Park Rangers assigned to our national parks has declined dramatically over the past decades, leaving park visitors, employees, and resources in peril.

The Middle of Nowhere Syndrome

The challenges of conservation and land management law enforcement require educating the public, swift response to criminal acts, and constant vigilance.

Not All is Well That Ends Well: More Thoughts On Survival And The Use Of Force

Evaluating tactics, judgment, or skills in law enforcement and learning from failures, is critical to valid assessment of deadly force incidents.


How many U.S. Park Rangers need to die in the line of duty before much-needed change comes to the National Park Service?

The Little-Known Legacy Of Andy Hutchison: Transforming Law Enforcement In The National Park Service

The leadership of the longtime National Park Service employee transformed law enforcement practices, training procedures, and investigative capabilities.